Best Golf Swing for Seniors

If you are a senior golfer with limited flexibility, quit trying to swing like the pros. You can not do what they do. Your body is too old and too slow and you may have a few aches and pains in your hands, hips, back shoulders or neck.

That does not mean you can not develop what I believe is the best golf swing for seniors. It is a nice simple golf swing that is effective and won’t put stress on your body. Below I am going to show you how simple it is by developing three little swing movements.

Do You Like to Dance? – Time to Kick up Those Heels

Here is the first swing thought or movement. Stand straight up with your elbows at your sides and forearms parallel to the ground, hold the shaft of an iron in your hands with your palms facing up. Now, for a right-handed golfer, turn your body to your right transferring your weight to your right heel while your left heel comes off the ground.

This will help you get rotation as your lower body and upper body are moving together in “unison” and “at the same time” (lol……I use that on my friends sometimes and it has them scratching their heads).

Once on your right side, now rotate your body back to the left facing your target. Your left heel will be back on the ground and your right heel will rotate off the ground finishing on your right toe.

Most seniors can not separate their lower body from their upper body in the downswing like younger guys and the pros. They just don’t have the flexibility they had when they were younger.

In this first step, we are not trying to emulate this separation. Remember, the lower and upper body move together in “unison” and “at the same time” throughout the swing.

I suggest you practice this movement 100 times a day for a week until it feels very natural and comfortable for you.

Don’t Be So Headstrong

We have all been told at least 100 times not to move your head. Now that is fine if you can rotate your shoulder 110 degrees while not moving your head like the pros. But most of us can’t.

So it is okay to move your head slightly to the side as long as you are not losing sight of the ball. You don’t want your head to be bobbing up and on the turn away from the ball, but a little to the side is OK.

Let’s Get Something Straight…… Or Not!

If you can keep your lead arm straight throughout your swing, that is great. More power to you. But a lot of golfers can’t and a lot of senior golfers can’t. So, it is OK if your lead arm bends a little in your turn away from the ball. There is a good chance that lead arm will be more straight at impact and that is the important part.

Simple as 1,2,3

It really is.

Once you have got the dance movement down, next time at the range try it out. You will be amazed how simple it is to develop what I believe is the best golf swing for seniors. This swing will put less stress on your body and hopefully alleviate some aches and pains.

You still want to have some wrist hinge and forward shaft lean with your hands in front of the ball at impact. The more acceleration you can generate just before and after impact, the better.


As a senior myself, I have tried this swing 1000 times, both left-handed and right-handed and it works. So little effort. Let’s face it: we are never going to swing like the pros. An older body just can’t generate that much speed and power.

But incorporating these three simple techniques will enable you to develop what I believe is the best golf swing for seniors and allow you to enjoy this great game for years to come.

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to reach out in the space below. In the mean time, let’s keep those feet dancing.

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