How to Chip the Golf Ball Like the Pros

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In this article, I am going to present different ways on how to chip the golf ball like the pros.

How to Make a Consistent Strike Every Time

The goal in chipping is to get the ball onto the green and rolling toward the hole. We don’t want to loft the ball in the air as in a pitch shot. Consequently, our setup will be different from that of a full swing with an iron.

The basic principles to make consistent contact while chipping are the following:

  1. Grip the club a bit lower and stand a bit closer to the golf ball. This gives you more control for your chip shots.
  2. Have your feet closer together in a slightly open stance which will help your body rotate back and through as you chip.
  3. Play the ball just slightly inside your lead foot if you want a slightly higher shot with less roll, or off your back foot it you want a lower shot with a bit more roll.
  4. Have more weight on your front foot (around 60%) and keep your hands ahead of the club face throughout the shot. This makes it easy to strike your chip shots,

I am going to present you tips from three short game experts. There is no right or wrong way. Just listen to these experts and go out to your practice facility and try them. See what works best for you.

Phil Mickelson – Chipping 101

In the video below, Phil Mickelson, known to have one of the best short games in the world, with his 60 degree wedge, demonstrates the importance of having your hands in front of the ball, weight on your lead foot and ball position dependent on how much roll you want on the green.

Because you never want the leading edge of your wedge to get stuck in the ground. The forward hand position will de-loft your wedge to help you strike the ball first before the ground. Phil believes you never ever want to play a wedge shot in the middle of your stance. Play if off your lead foot or your back foot, but never in the middle.

Danny Maude – How to Chip from Tight Lies

In the video below, Danny Maud  does an excellent job in illustrating how to chip from a very tight lie from around the green. Danny emphasizes on how not it use too much forward shaft lean to keep from having the leading edge cut into the ground. You just want to brush the ground with your club head without taking a divot.

Now if we could only chip like this, we would probably save five to seven strokes a round.

Clay Ballard – Tired of Duffing and Chunking Your Chips?

Clay Ballard, founder of Top Speed Golf, offers some really good tips and drills on how to stop duffing and chunking your chip shots so you will begin to chip the ball just like the pros.

Clay illustrates in great detail on ball position and allowing the body to rotate to swing the club and how to finish with your chest high.

You will want to be careful in practicing his golf superintendent nightmare drill. You will either have to be really really good or be a very fast runner once the superintendent catches you messing up his green.

The takeaway from this segment is to show that you just need to brush the ground and not take a divot with your chips.

The later part of his video goes into pitching which I will cover in other posts.

Conclusion – If You Want to Score Better, Learn to Chip Better

I don’t know about you, but I could spend hours just chipping and pitching around a green. I love to hear that click when I hit the sweet spot and the ball gets on the ground quickly rolling toward the whole.

Most amateurs don’t spend enough time working on their short game.  Just think about all of those flubbed chips and pitches you had after your round.  If you want to knock off  7-10 strokes a round, learn to chip better!

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  1. I also like to hear that “click” when I’ve hit it just right. Helpful tips and videos. Hope you write a similar post regarding putting.

    1. Thank you Joan. My wife has the ladies Cleveland Hi-Bores which produce that beautiful sounding “click” when she hits the ball flush. Putting is at the top of my list for futrue articles, so stay tuned.

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